LHSC, St. Joseph's and Regional Hospitals

    The TechPortal is a Cerner reporting catalogue. It contains two lists of reports:
    • Custom CCL reports created by the LHSC ITS Programming team to run from Explorer Menu (Client Mnemonic - LHSC_CD)
    • Cerner Standard Reports (Client Mnemonic= MODEL) available in multiple reporting tools

    Contact your Helpdesk if you would like more information about one of these reports.

    Custom CCL Reports (Client Mnemonic - LHSC_CD)
    This is a list of all available CCL reports built in Explorer Menu that are live and in use across all positions. The description of these reports includes the folders and subfolders where this report can be found. Access information (which positions can see these reports) is not included (contact your Helpdesk if you have questions about access).

    Cerner Standard Reports (Client Mnemonic= MODEL)
    This is a list of "canned" Cerner reports available for every application in the Cerner suite of reporting tools. In our environment we do not have access to all of Cerner's reporting tools.
    We can potentially upload Cerner Standard reports built for the following tools on the Millennium Platform:
    • DA2 (DA2.exe)
    • Discern Explorer: Explorer Menu (explorermenu.exe)
    • Lights On Network (lightson.cerner.com)
    • Cerner Advance (advance.cerner.com)
    • BusinessObjects Operational Reports only (TBD)

    We do NOT have access to reports built in the following tools, but could potentially work with Cerner to view what these reports look like, with the intention of creating something similar using our own reporting tools.
    • Task Manager (taskmanager.exe)
    • Crystal Reports
    • BusinessObjects (non-Operational Reports)
    • HomeWorks (HomeWorks.exe)
    • RoadNotes (RoadNotes.exe)
    • Tableau
    • QlikView

    • Note: We cannot use any reports that state they are on the Soarian platform or HealtheIntent (we are Millennium).