Welcome to Health Card Validation

What is Health Card Validation?

Cerner Health Card Validation (HCV) is functionality that will send a transaction out to the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH) with the health card number and version code.


How does Health Card Validation work?

  • Once the health card number is sent electronically to the MOH, it will take that information and compare it to their database of all Ontario residents.
  • The MOH will send a response back informing the end users if the health card number submitted is valid.
  • That information will be saved to the Cerner database.
  • A valid response is good for the calendar day. If a patient returns the next day another transaction will be sent for that health card number and version code.
  • All of this will take place at the time of registration and/or scheduling.

Who does this affect?
This implementation will affect everyone who schedules or registers patients in the Cerner system. Health Card Validation will be done in Cerner from the following applications:

  • Registration
  • FirstNet
  • Department Order Entry
  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Scheduling
    • SurgiNet
  • Batch validation based on appointments booked for specific day, location, etc.

Anyone using the above applications will validate health card numbers.